Luxury waterfront development in downtown Miami commences its showcase of local talent to express a reflection of art in all its forms

Miami artist, Aaron Schwartz, has been chosen to present his own collection of work for the Aston Martin Residences Virtual Art Gallery series of online exhibitions, as the second artist to be featured in its 3D immersive experience, running until September 15.

Schwartz’s exhibit, titled “A Kaleidoscope Point of View” presents over 25 pieces of art created by Schwartz, who uses “Photo Peeling” as his signature technique.  Schwartz has also created an original work to express his own portrayal of the Aston Martin Residences waterfront development that is being integrated into the brand’s marketing and advertising campaign.

Aaron is a South Florida native born and raised in Miami. His medium can be best described as ink painting on photography. Otherwise known as “Photo Peeling,” Aaron has mastered his own technique “peeling” layers off of photographs, then combining Ink and solvents over the photo’s remaining image. Each photographic tile becomes its own composition. In many works Aaron has created, those compositions fit together in a larger masterpiece. This process was discovered over 20 years ago when using these materials in an unorthodox way. Aaron has since been creating art with this process, and is always pushing the technique in different ways.

Schwartz comments on his exclusive piece created for the property, currently on display at the sales gallery in downtown Miami: “This painting takes elements of Miami’s origin and reflects a brand new skyline from a familiar perspective. I wanted to capture an atmosphere, not just buildings in a cityscape. The sky and the water play together while the hero towers above and reflects its environment. The surrounding locations and colors of the city can be seen in this work. Literally. If you look closely, you might find some hidden images of those Art Deco buildings underneath the skyline. Aston Martin Residences provides the inspiration needed to showcase Miami with a new landscape.”

The Aston Martin Residences in Miami is creating a permanent art gallery on the 52nd floor of the luxury tower, which is due for completion at the end of next year. The Art Gallery celebrates a love of beauty and an appreciation of art in all forms, values shared by developer G&G Business Developments and its partner Aston Martin.

Ahead of its completion, the Aston Martin Residences’ Art Gallery has launched virtually and will showcase a renowned artist online every two months. To launch the virtual gallery in May this year, the Aston Martin Residences collaborated with British artist and fine art photographer, Julian Lennon, who exhibited his own collection of photography, titled “Visions.”

Aaron Schwartz’s “A Kaleidoscope Point of View” online exhibition can now be seen at

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