When innovative entrepreneurs Mike James and Ian Grant II realized a recurring theme – That black consumers are often left out of the tech revolution – They decided to take it upon themselves to change that. Their first target in closing the digital divide – Addressing the lack of on-demand access to beauty products.

This led to the creation of the first on-demand, beauty delivery marketplace, WaySlay, which can be described as the “Uber Eats for beauty.”

WaySlay is an on-demand delivery app that gives customers the ability to order items such as hair, makeup, nails, styling products, and more. The items are then delivered to your door within an hour.

WaySlay recently launched and will provide service to Overtown, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Edgewater/Midtown, Brickell, and South Beach, with more areas to come soon.

“Convenience is key these days,” said Grant II, Co-Founder of WaySlay. “People can open the app, find a nearby beauty supply store, and select the items they want delivered.”

WaySlay, It’s like Uber Eats for Beauty Supplies! With the new WaySlay App, Miami locals can now shop for all of their beauty supply needs Hair, makeup, nails, styling products and more and have them delivered in under an hour.

Features on WaySlay’s mobile app and website include:

  • Access to Your Favorite Local Beauty Supply Stores. WaySlay partners with local beauty supply stores so they can offer all of your favorite products for delivery.
  • Growing Product Catalog. WaySlay’s full selection of beauty products fits the needs of various consumer preferences containing 500+ items and growing daily. Inventory is regularly updated to ensure item availability is accurate.
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking. WaySlay’s real-time tracking allows customers to stay in-the-loop on delivery progress status and when the delivery courier is progressing towards drop-off completion.
  • Pay Through The App. WaySlay accepts credit and debit card purchases using a trusted payment network to ensure personal information remains confidential and secure.
  • Merchant Portal. WaySlay’s management platform provides beauty suppliers with the ability to accept orders and payments, manage store operations, inventory, reporting, and more. 

This mobile beauty supply marketplace serves as the catalyst for WaySlay’s focus— transforming how consumers buy beauty products. WaySlay’s launch is the first step for integrating new technology within the beauty industry. It is also a means to merge black consumers and businesses that are often left out of the tech revolution.

“WaySlay’s launch is the first step for integrating new technology within the beauty industry”, said James, Co-founder of WaySlay.

WaySlay is dedicated to becoming a leader in mobile beauty supply e-commerce and on-demand delivery.

To learn more, please visit www.wayslay.com, follow on Instagram, and download the app” on iOS or Android

About WaySlay

WaySlay is the beauty industry’s first on-demand delivery app that connects consumers to local beauty suppliers. By partnering with the best beauty supply stores, WaySlay provides consumers an e-commerce experience that offers a wide selection of beauty products – without having to make the trip to the beauty supply store. WaySlay provides beauty suppliers with access to a delivery fleet made up of over 500k drivers in 3,500 cities. WaySlay is available on both iOS and Android or visit: www.wayslay.com.

Beauty suppliers interested in partnering with WaySlay can sign up at www.wayslay.com/sp