Dubbed as the culinary hotspot where you can “dine like a billionaire” by Forbes, Mira Five Stars was unveiled as the first part of this password-protected private event for billionaires, every Thursday. 

Invited patrons get the chance to rub elbows with the wealthy at the Mira Mé dinner party then everyone moves on to Faena’s Saxony Bar for El Secreto but, only if you know the password

Get this. Every week the password changes.

But if you’re savvy enough, you can scroll through Nick Betancourt’s Instagram page, @nickbetancourt, to find the password.

 Mira-me Billionaire Thursdays is a weekly event where you can mingle with guests while you eat Mediterranean food and drink one of Mira’s signature cocktails.

Nick Betancourt treated L’Etage’s Editorial team to a private dinner tasting that featured salmon ceviche, and the king of the flatfishes, “Turbot Acqua Pazza; ” cooked in the oven, wrapped with Mediterranean vegetables like Zucchini, Bell peppers, eggplant, Kalamata olives, in white wine reduction.

The dessert of the night was a luscious Lava Cake topped with rich vanilla ice cream. But, if chocolate is not for you, Mira has an extensive and exquisite list of desserts, from a classic Tiramisu to an unconventional Lavander Cheesecake, and more.

We planted ourselves at the grand piano drinking “Wild Orchid,” a sweet mix of vodka, white pear, puree, hibiscus, and Prosecco, and observed the rest of the guests of the night.

A few of the Mira regular include an array of Miami personalities such as Real Housewives of Miami alum Karent Sierra, designer Adriana Sassoon, Chico Castillo from Gypsy Kings, Aldo Gonzales from Universal Music and others.

Mira is a journey for your senses that gives locals an opportunity to be seen or to simply, see.

Not to mention, attending the restaurant itself is a treat, as the creation of it is a true masterpiece. The can’t miss feature of this glamorous restaurant, situated on one of the most impressive corners South of Fifth, is the seven thousand crystals shimmering from the Murano chandeliers. As you take your seat you will notice the plush, Italian, handcrafted, white leather chairs from Luminaire. Plus, this is the only restaurant in South Florida that uses real Broggi Silver as silver wear, you will be able to feel the true weight of the silver in your hands.

Mira Five Stars’ impeccable service, beautiful interior design, and interesting guests always make for an unforgettable dinner as we continued on to the second half of the night at Faena. Billionaire Thursday’s password also got us into Saxony Bar’s El Secreto for a special peak into where the Billionaires come for a little kink with their drink. We were sworn to secrecy so all we can tell you is that there are some very sensual dominatrices greeting everyone and a few sexy performances going on throughout the rest of night.

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