Art Basel 2019 has officially begun and the influx of artists, art critics, celebrities and tourists have made their way to this eccentric city. Events are igniting left and right, immersing people into art and music. Most of the exhibitions and events are taking place on South Beach, Wynwood Art District, and the Design District.  Installations have been placed throughout the city, you will even find art installations on the sand.

Tidal, the first global music streaming service, and SBE presented a new event at the Delano on South Beach on Thursday, December 5th. DJ Khaled, DJ and Grammy award nominee, was the first artist to kick off the “Delano Live Presented by Tidal” Series at the Delano Beach Club. DJ Khaled kicking off the series only seems right since it is the city where he gained his prominence. Before his arrival, guests were welcomed by a well-decorated venue that presented great visuals, music, food, and drinks. Tidal had set up a great Instamoment installation where guests could take pictures and receive tickets for free drinks.

The event was also sponsored by Lincoln, the luxury auto company. They provided a few VIP cabanas where guests were able to order food and drinks while enjoying the music and experience. The venue occupied up to about 250 guests; filling up the entire venue. Good vibes were felt all around while DJ Khaled played some of his most popular hits as the winter Miami breeze cooling off the dancing guests. 

“Delano Live Presented by TIDAL” series will continue through 2020 with other events taking place during Miami Music Week and Super Bowl.

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