I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Lombard earlier this year.   She is a cinephile and it shows in her new film Sophie, which she directed. The short stars Alex Lombard, Jonathan Groff, Marcos A. Ferraez, Judy Chen and Olivia Jordan.

 Sophie is a psychological thriller that tells a story of a demented passion between Ben (Jonathan Groff) and Sophie (Alex Lombard) who he meets in a downtown park, during his lunch hour. There is an immediate connection due to their shared love of comic books.   At first, Sophie appears beyond in years and yet innocent who is spell blinding to Ben.   Back at the office, Ben looks for ways to escape by drawing comic characters.   His cubicle is his prison cell where he is subjected to daily authoritarian and sexualized taunts by Sal (Marcos A. Ferraez) his boss.

Ben heads downward spiral of delusion. With sleight of hand, this film plays with the notion of protagonist and antagonist. It deals with issues of authority and self-governing in an overtly sexualized society.   The narrative creeps to the edge of a cliff and as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it drops the viewer over the edge. At once, the reckoning comes too late, but it does indeed come and at a very high price.

Sophie has been accepted to nine film festivals with two Best Actress wins to date. The upcoming festivals include Dublin, Vancouver and Carmel.

You can stay connected with Alex Lombard here:

FB: www.facebook.com/thealexlombard

Twitter: www.instagram.com/thealexlombard

Instagram: www.twitter.com/thealexlombard

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