On the evening of November 16, the “Art Hotel” at Sagamore Hotel South Beach served as the perfect setting for the impressive launch of GALLERY,” the latest retail concept from SETA and Divino Seas. This store revolutionizes the shopping experience with a gallery-inspired environment where customers interact with and purchase sequin and satin garments via innovative QR codes.

Among the guests were Miami’s notable personalities, prominently including SETA Co-Founders Andrea & Eliana Salazar, and Divino Seas Co-Founders Cristha Castellanos & Miguel Guerra. They were joined by a host of VIPs such as influencer Anna Konstantinova (@AnnieEstrin), fashion experts Dana Shear and Martina Basabe, Celine’s Store Director Josep Seguer, and celebrated stylist Mateo Palacio, along with influencers Lisa DiCicco Cahue (@LisaDNYC), Carolina Lindo (@ImNotSorryDarling), and Miki Sui Cheung (@MikiALaMode).

The exclusive gathering provided a preview of SETA’s sought-after collection, showcasing a selection of tops, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, belts, shoes, and more. These stylish offerings from “GALLERY” are set to be available for shoppers through April 2024.

Additionally, Divino Seas showcased their collection of elegant swimsuits. The event was a seamless fusion of fashion and artistry, set to an ambience of music and complemented by an assortment of drinks, thanks to the patronage of brands such as Aqua Panna, Cassoni, Contraluz Mezcal, and San Pellegrino.