On July 12, 2022 – The opening of the new global flagship of Argentinian luxury brand GAUCHO in the Miami Design District, was a huge success! hosted by founder Scott Mathis and Creative Director Lautaro Garcia de la Peña.

Guests enjoyed artisanal cocktails crafted with Italian liqueur Strega as they perused GAUCHO’s men’s and women’s RTW collections, leather goods, and the new Gaucho Casa Collection of home accessories. The rustic-chic boutique, whose décor features warm mocha walls and contemporary art, including a life-size acrylic horse. The acrylic horse is the store’s sculptural centerpiece. It was crafted in Buenos Aires, the soul of Argentina, then brought to Miami to be assembled. Each vertically layered piece of the abstract horse sculpture is crafted from transparent acrylic, and the statue is theatrically lit for a dramatic experience.

Gaucho – Buenos Aires seeks to provide unmatched access to the distinctive Argentinian lifestyle to people across the world, through its covetable fashions, artisanal design, and unparalleled experiences.

www.gaucho.com. Located at 112 NE 41st Street. At 1526 sq. ft. the forthcoming retail space lies near widely recognized retail brands such as off White, Botega Veneta, Gucci, and Chanel, as well as Tesla, Warby Parker and Rag & Bone.

Actor-model and Instagram mega-influencer star Neels Visser was among the VIP guests at the opening of the new global flagship of Argentinian luxury brand GAUCHO in the Miami Design District. Visser, who walked in the brand’s runway show at New York Fashion Week at Runway 7 in February, rocked a pair of GAUCHO retro-inspired D-frame tortoiseshell sunglasses 


GAUCHO is a brand for tomorrow’s originals.  Its values — strength, resilience, optimism — run through everything they make, from the quality of its leather to the fearlessness of cuts and unending passion for Buenos Aires’ fashion heritage. They’re here for entrepreneurial spirits and self-starters, and for people who want their fashion to feel as good as it looks. In complementing your style now and inspiring your future choices, it gives you the confidence to realize whatever version of you you’re working towards.  Feeling good, looking good, that’s GAUCHO.