TheWisdom To Know The Difference is a bold film about addiction. The film is written and directed by Daniel Baldwin. It stars: Daniel Baldwin (Bob), Mayra Leal (Hope), Lou Diamond Phillips (Carlos), Burton Gilliam (Jesse), Elle Lamont (Candy), Andy Bowles (Victor), Maggie Wagner (Mother) and Billy Baldwin (Dennis).

This film marks the first time ever any of the Baldwin brothers have shared the screen with one another.

Wisdom is based on partial actual disturbing events. It is a story about a man’s road to recovery, his 180-degree turn from addict and convict to selfless actions of unorthodox intervention.

Bob (Daniel) returns to prison to see his friend, Carlos (Phillips) -the one who protected him from the rapes in prison. Carlos asks Bob for one last favor that could land him behind bars again. Considering the task, Bob weighs the risks and consequences. Carlos pleads with Bob to help a young woman Hope (LEAL) to kick a drug addiction. Notwithstanding, pressure from his brother Dennis (William Baldwin) to stay on the right path. Bob puts his own life at risk and faces tremendous danger in order to help her.

It is no secret that Daniel Baldwin has survived personal struggles with drugs and alcohol. Now, after several years of sobriety here is his soul provoking film.

I asked Daniel about his passion project.

L’Etage: What inspired you to make such a bold film about addiction?

Daniel: My inspiration to do this film was my need to try and help the other addicts who still suffer. I also took some excerpts of my personal path to sobriety and inserted them throughout the film.

L’Etage: What call-to-action do you want the audience to take?

Daniel: The call to action I want is simple. Get help. Whether that’s checking into a rehab for executives or just telling your loved ones that you have a problem, it all starts with a phone call. Once you’ve done that, you’ve already taken your first step on your journey to recovery. I just want people to know that there is a way to get help and you absolutely can reclaim your life. For me personally, it started by contacting the SOBA recovery center.

L’Etage: What’s next for you?

Daniel: Next up for me is my recurring role on Hawaii Five 0. After that, I have a definitive plan for world peace and a short vacation with my sweetie.

The film has made several festival appearances and has taken home awards from all of them. You can see this film at the end of October in Los Angeles, Official Selection of upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival on November 7-23 and Official Selection of Big Apple Film Festival on November 6-10.

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