On Sunday, July 11th, 2021, Nalu Swimwear designer Johanna Chone made her official fashion debut at the PARAISO Miami Beach tent, an appropriate conclusion to this year’s festive Swim Week.

Her jubilant 38-piece collection was a celebration of groovy colors ranging from vibrant, eclectic tones to muted metallic–a fitting theme for her debut. From bandeaus to wrap-around one pieces, the psychedelic pieces showcased a variety of shapes and sizes and came in a plethora of versatile styles.

Despite the chaos unfolding backstage, Fashion Editor Kevin Leo managed to interview Johanna as she was getting her makeup done:

Kevin: What inspired this collection?

Johanna: I got inspired by a lot of colors, and by nature–specifically Hawaii I would say, and just going with the flow and with what I felt.

Kevin: How did you manage to create this collection during a global pandemic?

Johanna: I just went to the fabric store, and I had great support from my boyfriend and from my seamstress. She helped me sew all of the pieces and we started, and we never stopped.

Kevin: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Johanna: My aesthetic is bohemian.

Kevin: What’s next after this?

Johanna: I don’t know honestly. I made everything in less than six months, so I’m excited. I don’t even know what’s going to come next, but whatever it is its going to be big! I have a good feeling about it–I’m excited.

Socialites, celebrities, and fellow designers showed their support for Nalu’s launch. Notable guests included influencers Jordan Laurelle, Olga Ferrara, Chris Lavish, Miki Cheung, swimwear designer Liliana Montoya, model Emma Golijanin and Yunexy Eloy of Le Rouge Lounge.

Based on the audience’s response and special guests who supported her debut, Chone made a lasting first impression. This seems to be the beginning of a long, successful design career for Johanna. L’ETAGE wishes her well on her future endeavors, and looks forward to seeing her again soon!

Nalu Swim began their celebrations at the PARAISO tent, where top-shelf brands like Courvoisier, Cognac, Sipsmith, Maker’s Mark and El Tesoro Tequila were served. The party continued with an open bar after party hosted by DJ, Vintage Culture.

WEB: www.naluswimwear.com IG: @nalu_swimwear