In an exhilarating showcase of culinary fusion, the Continuum residences hosted an indelible evening as part of the 23rd annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One (SOBEWFF®) on February 24th. This year’s event was a lively celebration, featuring Nashville’s famed Pitmaster Pat Martin, and The Patio’s acclaimed Chef Claudio Lobina, who brought together the soulful essence of Southern cuisine and the exquisite finesse of Mediterranean food in a spectacular dining experience.

The exclusive dinner, set within the festival’s Intimate Dinner Series sponsored by Empson wines, transformed The Patio restaurant into a culinary odyssey. Here, the rich, comforting flavors of the South were artfully blended with the light, aromatic tastes of the Mediterranean, offering Continuum residents and guests a menu that was both innovative and deeply satisfying.

The festivities kicked off with an energetic live performance by Sinfonic Music, creating a buoyant atmosphere that infused the evening with excitement. As guests sipped on carefully selected wines introduced by Billy Grant of McPrice Meyers Wine and Valentino Esterno from Fantini Wine, they were primed for the gastronomic adventure ahead. The anticipation built to a crescendo with the introduction by Pat Martin, who shared his passion for Southern-style meats and his art of barbecue, setting the stage for a meal that promised to be a soulful journey through flavors and traditions.

“Our fifth year of participation during this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival proved to be a highlight of this year’s festival,says Rishi Idnani, Managing Director of the Continuum. “This is our second year presenting an outdoor barbeque themed dinner—showcasing the very best in curated cuisine from the grill. This unique collaboration between Pat Martin and our very own Chef Claudio Lobina gave our residents and attendees a world-class experience in Southern-style barbeque and Mediterranean style seafood. Once again, we installed a giant rig containing two oversized grills that was driven by Pat Martin from Tennessee to Miami Beach especially for the event. On behalf of the entire Continuum management team, I would like to thank the festival’s organizing committee, together with the sponsors and our patrons for helping to make this year’s dinner a resounding success.”  

The menu was a symphony of flavors, featuring highlights such as Mississippi Hushpuppies with Comeback Sauce, harmonizing with homemade phyllo packed with shrimp and lobster ragout. Deviled eggs topped with Hickory smoked brisket and a hint of sweet barbecue sauce evoked Southern charm, while seafood cannelloni draped in sweet pepper reduction echoed Mediterranean bliss. The journey peaked with charred chicken thighs accompanied by Alabama white sauce over field peas and chow chow, culminating in the showstopper: Freedom Run Farm Hickory Smoked Lamb served with Marsh Hen Mill grits and braised greens. Each dish was thoughtfully paired with select international wines from the Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits portfolio, enhancing the dining experience with nuanced flavors and aromas.

This exceptional dinner at the Continuum Residences for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival not only celebrated the beautiful melding of Southern and Mediterranean cuisines but also highlighted the festival’s commitment to creating extraordinary food and wine experiences. Pat Martin and Claudio Lobina‘s collaboration brought a soul-stirring dimension to the event, offering guests a memorable evening that showcased the power of culinary blending to connect, inspire, and entertain.

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