Like a catchy song you can’t help but dance to, the perfect bash is equal parts fun, fearless and fiery. Now, Fergie, the queen of the party jam, has bottled up that electric energy in her new fragrance, Outspoken Party! by Fergie.

A spritz of perfume is the perfect finishing touch before you head out on the town with confidence (also known as party swagger), but Outspoken Party! is all about owning it. It’s electrifying, sensual, a little sweet and obviously Fergalicious – more than enough to take charge of the moment, whether your party is on stage in front of 10,000 fans or in your first apartment.

To get the scoop on how she makes tonight – and every night – a good, good night, Beauty for a Purpose quizzed the Avon Global Ambassador on her party musts, from primping rituals to how to win the best-guest award. (Hint: It involves DJ skills and a good attitude!)

How to Party Like Fergie in 10 Steps

1. A good party becomes a great party when:

everyone relaxes and lets loose.

2. I always appreciate a host or hostess who:

doesn’t make me walk a mile in heels to get to the party! I like easy in and easy out.

3. A guest always gets invited back when he/she is:

a person who makes people laugh, dance or sing-or generally gets other guests to come out of their shells. That’s what a party is for, after all.

4. To get the party going, I ask a friend to:

throw on a playlist or grab some drinks. You can’t have a good party without good music and good alcohol. You best buy your drinks in bulk – Total Beverage provides the best booze delivery denver citizens can use, so you could always hit them up.

5. Here’s how I feel about themes:

I love them. Last year for my son’s birthday, we did “Axl’s Rock ‘n Jock Gym Jam,” and we all wore gym clothes, headbands, wristbands – the works. I also love dressing up for different eras, too. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party that had an old-school Hollywood glamour theme, and it was so fun to get all dolled up. We had a blast taking photos.

6. One party no-no is:

I don’t like people who bring any kind of negativity. I say, bring the positive energy – or stay home!

7. My go-to outfit party usually involves:

a great pair of heels. I also love wearing a short dress to elongate my legs. In terms of jewelry, I like to have “hand armor” – I like to wear rings.

8. When it comes to my pre-party beauty routine, I like to:

relax, put on some music, have a glass of wine (I’m partial to my dad’s Ferguson Crest “Fergalicious” blend), light a candle, and really take my time. I like sculpting eyebrows and playing with liquid eyeliner.

9. Right before I walk out the door, I:

spray on Outspoken Party! When people ask me what I’m wearing, it’s so fun to be able to say “Party!”

10. A party is more than a party because:

it’s a new memory. A party today is a memory tomorrow.

Throughout the month of October, with each Outspoken by Fergie full-size Eau de Parfum purchase Avon will donate $5 to the Avon Foundation for Women to help conquer breast cancer.

For more information on breast cancer and breast health, please visit All for the Breast.


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