Singer-songwriter Stephen James displays extraordinary range and depth. His pensive, haunting lyrics have been described as disarmingly meaningful. Though his music is innovative, the songs remain grounded in messages of love, compassion, and understanding.  

Raised in the small town of Georgetown, Massachusetts, James used music as an escape from suburbia’s limitations. The artist dreamed of moving to a bigger city where he could explore his art and express his ideas alongside other emerging creatives. 

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Four years ago, he moved to New York City.  As fate would have it, the aspiring artist’s life would change after finding an iPad in Central Park.  In this day and age, doing what is right doesn’t always align with the trending topics of the day. The uncommon choice to exhaust all efforts and return the iPad not only surprised the iPad owner, but impressed him so much that he decided to introduce him to close friend and music producer Karhi Wood. Wood has produced music for French Montana and rapper Chinx, who was murdered. After suffering that loss, Wood had contemplated a career change. The quirky singer’s off-beat personality encouraged Woods set a new tempo for his approach to life. The unlikely pair began to collaborate on various music projects.  

If you want to hear what fate sounds like set to rhythm, listen to this talent’s melodic cocktail, which stirs a variety of genres to perfection. The singer draws passion directly from the energy of his audience. He has consistently sold out Manhattan’s hottest venues, displaying an unparalleled stage presence during live shows that leaves fans wanting more.

Stephen James bares his soul with his recent release, “The One,” which tells the story of his first love. After, college, the singer found himself following a girl to New York City in pursuit of his once-distant love. Though he found her within arms reach, he let her slip away, losing her forever. The music video captures his boyish charm with picturesque visuals that breathe life into his lyrical account. “The One” has received considerable attention on YouTube. Its views only continue to climb.

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