If you haven’t heard, Amazon is the place to fulfill your fashion needs–especially if you’re on the hunt for a new handbag.

Jeff Bezos’ vision of the modern-day e-commerce landscape boosts everything you need to update your wardrobe–from office staples such as pretty blouses to handbags so gorgeous that they should be on the arms of your favorite Instagram influencer.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Yeah, lets talk about Amazon’s collection of handbags. Big on variety, many of the handbags are made of unconventional materials such as bamboo or lucite and feature embellishments.

L’Etage’s editorial team and I did what we usually do best–scour the Internet, in this case Amazon, for the hottest handbags and shared it in a listicle format below.

Scroll through for our favorite handbags.

For more information: Shop handbags from Amazon sellers Miuco, UStyle, IBELLA, ZLM Bag US. NaturalNeo, and LUI SUI.

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