The artist “Not Your Muse” exists with an effortless, edgy style that only can be accomplished by an artist who is “not trying”. The artist embodies a rare hope and authenticity that is uncommon amongst most trending millennials. Her style ranges from fun patterns to minimalist with a pop of color. “Not Your Muse” give fashion a fresh perspective. She loves to find rare vintage pieces and pair them with more current items and when painting she always manages to look exceptional without trying too hard.

The artist has collaborated with notable fashion brand, Desiar Eyewear, to create a collection of wearable art. The Eyewear brand, based in Chicago Illinois, provides a flawless frame design with natural wood temples that sets the brand apart from others. These frames serve as a perfect canvas for the dramatic, fun, and vibrant artwork of the artist “Not Your Muse” Each pair is hand painted and signed by the artist. These one of a kind pieces are a wonderful synergy of art and fashion. 

Professional athletes and celebrity can’t get enough art from the mysterious ”Not Your Muse”. Her artwork is collected by celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy’s “Bomb Squad” and super models like Andrea Denver, who was recently featured in a BMW campaign, Men’s Health and GQ magazine. The artwork of the famous but nameless beauty, “Not Your Muse” has bright colors and thought-provoking concepts that attract art collectors everywhere. As her international fan base grows, Vegas will not be her last stop. To view more art by “Not Your Muse” follow her on Instagram @notyourmuse.

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