Margarita Howis, an innovative force in the contemporary art scene, skillfully blends the lively energy of hip-hop with the finesse of traditional artistry. This unique blend, which has attracted a diverse audience, showcases her passion for uniting different cultural expressions.

Recently, on December 14th, at a private birthday celebration for rap icon Offset at Miami’s Coco club, Margarita unveiled a standout work: a portrait of Offset. This event became a vivid showcase of her artistic talent, underlining her skill in marrying the raw energy of hip-hop with classical artistry. The portrait transcends mere representation; it’s a dynamic narrative expressed in colors, vividly capturing Offset’s influential persona and embedding it deeply within hip-hop culture.

Offset, upon seeing the portrait, was visibly impressed and proudly displayed the masterpiece. The excitement around this artwork further intensified when TMZ featured it in their coverage of his birthday, drawing widespread attention.

The one-of-a-kind painting goes beyond conventional fan art. It captures Offset‘s captivating gaze, roses tied to his iconic dreads, adorned with a gold circle on a black background, serving as an artistic expression of resilience, strength, and personal identity. The golden bees on his garment pay homage to designer Winston Bartholomew, the winner of HBO‘s ‘The Hype’ show, and tie into Margarita’s collaboration with ‘Icons in Barth.’ This exclusive piece showcases Margarita’s ability to capture the spirit of her subjects, infusing each work with a vibrant energy that transcends traditional portraiture.

In her own words, “This artwork is more than a portrait; it’s a tribute to Offset’s artistic presence and influence. Being part of his birthday celebration was an honor, and I am thrilled that he and his team valued the artwork. Art uniquely connects people, and I aspire for this piece to resonate with fans and art enthusiasts alike.”

Showcasing a blend of artistic innovation and global outreach, a recent highlight was her participation at Art Basel 2023 in Miami. The events included live painting and an exhibition at Soleman Fine Art Gallery, complemented by a fashion show at Gates Hilton Hotel where a new series of hand-painted garments was introduced, created in collaboration with renowned designer Winston Bartholomew. Expanding her international influence, she also delivered a powerful speech and presented her work at the UN Headquarters in Geneva in November, emphasizing the role of art in fostering impactful dialogues and asserting her prominence on the global stage.

Notable figures in the music industry, including Snoop Dogg, as Jay Z, and Dani Leigh, have recognized her work. Margarita Howis’s journey in the art world is marked by a series of significant achievements. Her art, exhibited across renowned galleries in major cities like Copenhagen, Paris, Montreal, Miami, and New York, positions her as a formidable figure on the international stage. Continually evolving, Margarita Howis stands as a key figure in hip-hop artistry, her work not only reflecting her own journey but also echoing the broader narrative of contemporary culture and art.

Margarita remarks, “Hip-hop culture is the heartbeat of my artistic journey. The music, the stories, the struggles – they inspire and shape my art. My ambition is to forge a connection with the community through my art, mirroring the impact of hip-hop culture on me.”

Her art, celebrated for its vibrancy and unique departure from traditional portraiture, has been featured in prestigious publications like Elle magazine and Femina, cementing her status as an influential figure in the international art scene. As Margarita Howis continues to make her distinct mark in the art world, her innovative approach and mesmerizing works ensure that she remains a key figure. The art community and enthusiasts can look forward with keen interest to more innovative creations from her studio. Her journey thus far is merely the prologue, and the world can expect to hear much more about this pioneering artist as she continues to break new ground and inspire through her art. Margarita Howis is not just a name to remember; she’s a dynamic force redefining the realm of contemporary art.

Artist’s Website/Portfolio Link:
IG @margarita.howis