Salomé, solo vocalist and music producer, from Switzerland is taking New York by storm.  The singer has been breaking boundaries by teaming up with New York-based record label “Nah Bro Entertainment.” This brazen beauty debuts her EP entitled ‘Colors Of My Mind’ on January 25th.

With the creation of her latest release, the artist gave free rein to her creativity and her thoughts. As the name of the record already implies, she tried to visualize the spectrum of colors in her head through music. The lyrics are characterized by her critical yet melancholic world view but explore and confront her personal insecurities. Despite a serious and dark mood, the ultimate message of the songs are encouraging and uplifting. The music of this Swiss native transcends genres. Her vocal range coupled with pensive lyrics and by her own music production are truly and fully the sound of Salomé and“Colors of Her Mind“.  

As a rising star in the industry, Salomé breaks all the rules showing the world you can be a badass while hitting a high note, literally.  Her project has caught the attention of leading names in Hip-Hop like: EPMD, DJ Illegal from the Snowgoons and Sean Strange to name a few.  The three men, now part of her expanding fanbase, agree her talent is unrivaled. The singer demonstrates vocal range, exudes an unspoken elegance, yet still remains untamed and unapologetic grounded by her fearless attitude.  It is no surprise:  the lyricist is a crowd -favorite.  For more on Salomé follow her on Instagram @salomemusic.

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