esnavi-main-photo1Uniquely R&B singer and songwriter Esnavi has continued her success following her big break with her song “Unexpected Love” which  Top the 40 Urban Adult Contemporary Hit for over fifteen weeks. She has such amazing voice, but the way she intertwine words in her songs makes you feel emotionally connect to what she is talking about. Esnavi’s music has been heard on MTV, VH1, VH1 Soul, Centric, Revolt TV, and Music Choice. Her electrifying sound can also be heard in major retail chains, including H&M and Old Navy.

“My music is different from others, I have a unique sound and different approach that I use to make my music. I was influenced by Lauryn Hill and others that had such a positive message within their music. I honestly feel like you will make great music and create a larger fan base if you stay true to yourself and morals. I am not affected by what’s in or what’s old, because at the end of the day I feel like it is a front. You do not know what that person had to go through to get to that point in their respective careers.”

Esnavi also is the first African American face for Alison Raffaele Cosmetics beauty campaign, a cosmetics line that will be carried in all Duane Reade stores nationwide. “I was honored to become the first African American face for this line. I worked so hard to try to different things in which makes me different. I am consistently doing something productive. If it is not writing a song or recording than I am out here doing different things with the cosmetics line. I feel like you have to expand your horizon in different areas, so why not try and challenge yourself to do something different.


Esnavi has an upcoming tour in Tokyo and will be touring there for a couple of weeks. “I am pretty excited to be touring in Tokyo and very grateful for the opportunity! As an artist that has been in the field for some time it can be difficult as an upcoming singer. People that are in the high end of the industry will not really listen to your work or the types of people you meet that wants something done for nothing. It can be very hard, but I am just blessed that I have the opportunity to do something that I love and inspire people that are fans to go to the next level in whatever they do in life. You have to outwork your competition! I work twenty fours hours a day to make it happen. Nothing is given to you and you have to work really really hard to become great. Good is not good enough anymore, you want to be great.”

Esnavi has an album coming out this year and her first single of the album is called “Think About It.” “I am very excited for the album to come out this year, but the single “Think About It” has been exciting to write and record. It is a reflection of how my music has changed and matured and I hope my fans as well as new comers enjoy the unique sound of my upcoming album.”




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