Fitness is very good for the soul and builds confidence within yourself. Staying fit through methods such as taking tennis lessons in nashville TN can help you reduce stress and feel great about yourself. Being fit can make you feel comfortable in your own skin and decrease the high risks of diseases, being obese, and having depression problems during your life span. Zakia Blain, who is the owner of F.B.F (Fck Being Fat) fitness has a very successful solution with maintaining your shape and that is by exercising your body. Zakia has been in certain situations and trials that could have beat her up to the point where she could have gave up, but she said I am not going to be obese and depressed and decided to keep her mind, body, and spirit in shape.

Zakia is very in tune with explaining to her clients what is the right stuff to eat, when they should exercise, and why is it essential to have fitness in their lives. “I love helping people out with the knowledge that I have about being healthier and eating healthier.”

Zakia started this business and is very optimistic about the positive energy and clients that she is getting. “I am very blessed that I have the opportunity to help people through fitness and being motivated with being an inspiration to others. I have children and others that look up to me and I am very glad that they do. It is so much negativity that I have seen or been through that I want people to be inspired by me to do something good with their lives. I had a child at an early age, I have seen people get killed or shot at, but I want people to understand that you can make a change in your community.” “All it takes is a leap of faith and a strong support system to keep you going.”

For the past 3 years she has devoted herself to her weight loss journey and sharing her experience with the world. While on that path, she developed an apparel line for men and women that would motivate them and has created a lane where both men and women are comfortable discussing their weight loss and committed to staying on their own personal journey.

Zakia’s message to the world is, “Stay true to yourself and never let anyone or anything stop you from believing in yourself. If you can do that than you will be successful in everything that you will do in life.”

Now lets go out there and encourage people to take charge of their health!Za5

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