In Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria, former Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles visited the African country Nigeria and met with Nigerian leaders. The former Sen. came to Nigeria with his delegation and met Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and others at the Government House.

Enugu State Governor was excited to meet the former Haitian Sen. Moise. “Today is a new beginning for all of us,” Governor Ugwuanyi said. “We open our doors to you and we are ready as we have demonstrated. We also want you to know that changing your names is in agreement with the Igbo tradition that you have a new name for a newborn,” the Governor added.

Moise Jean-Charles is a former Haitian Senator and future Presidential Candidate. According to his address, the leader of the delegation described his visit as home-coming, rooting back to their origin in Igboland while thanking Ugwuanyi for the hospitality accorded to them in the state.

“I have visited many countries, many places around the world but this is the first time I have visited a country that everybody looks like me,” Senator Jean-Charles said. “I have not come here as a foreign person. I have come back home. Before I keep on talking, I want to on behalf of all Haitians, all the blocks in Haiti, to thank the governor for receiving us after 218 years,” he added.

Moise visited Enugu with a 10-man delegation. Enugu is the historic capital of Igboland. The former Senator and delegation were performing conventional Igbo rituals such as traditional naming and name adoption, after they traced their roots to Igboland.

Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi welcomed them and commended them for the bold step. “Today, you are born new in Enugu State and in the land of your fathers. Congratulations!.” Governor Ugwuanyi said during the visit.

Moise jean Charles’s goal is to open a door for a relationship between Haiti and African countries. “We have decided that people in the whole continent of Africa and all of us who are there in Haiti is a wind following the bird from the African continent and it has brought bear in America which means all of us are one,” added Senator Moise Jean-Charles.

The Former Haitian Senator was welcomed as the President of Haiti. He also met the former Governor of Abia, Orji Uzor Kalu, and Kalu was very happy to meet Sen. Moise.

Moise also met former Senator representing Kebbi North, Yahaya Abubakar Abdullahi during the press conference.

According to Nigerian leaders, former Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles is the first elected Haitian official who visited Nigeria and they said Nigerian leaders will be visiting Haiti in the near future.