On the same date as Pablo Picasso died, in the same year as Jean-Michel Basquiat’s death, the artist, Cavier Coleman was born.  The talent thrived during his second year of college which abruptly ended when a model scout discovered Cavier.  The nineteen year old immediately launched his career as an international model which spanned the globe from New York to South Africa. During his travels, the pensive adventurer embarked on a quest in pursuit of artistic expression.  

The model quickly found himself on the other side of the camera’s lens in the role of photographer. His meticulous attention to detail, distinct point of view, and ambition positioned him at the forefront of fashion media.     

Today, he is Director of Photography for Chris Brown’s brand Black Pyramid, Soulja Boy’s brand Hudson Outerwear, and Pro-Standard an athletic brand in partnership with the NBA, NFL, and MLB in addition for doing editorial work for notable brands like Puma and Footaction gaining notoriety when his photographs appeared in Complex, Interview Magazine, L’etage Magazine amongst others..  

The artist more than a talent  and has become an advocate for human rights. He fights social injustices with an out of the box concept: with art that creates awareness in various communities reaching different demographics as he explore important issues in multiple mediums and colors.  He has become a force in the art world as a painter, sculpture, designer, musician, photography, and digital artist to name a few.  When he heard that Ndaba Mandela, author, entrepreneur, political consultant, and the grandson of Nelson Mandela, would be traveling to New York City’s to meet leading creatives and industry professionals at The Assemblage NoMad to discuss Africa’s social and economic future and his new book which will be available for purchase and signing.  Cavier was asked to speak about his art, journey of self expression, and story of success against all odds amongst others who joined Ndada for a night of activism in style.

Nelson Mandela’s “long walk to freedom” left behind big shoes to fill, but his descendants follow in his footsteps promoting the same message of freedom, passion, convictions, and peace.  Proud to be the grandson of Nelson Mandela, Ndaba, continues his legacy, not just in words but with speeches but with action and deeds.  Africa Rising Chairman, Ndaba, recently,  published a book titled Going to the Mountain: Life Lessons from My Grandfather. The book shares the true story of how, as a child, after meeting only once, inside prison walls, he came to live with Nelson Mandela, a black nationalist in South Africa who was incarcerated for opposing a Communist government with no tolerance for opinions challenging their authority. After being released from prison, he became the first black president of South Africa (1994–99). His negotiations in the early 1990s helped end the country’s system of racial segregation ushering in a new era of democratic rule; abolishing apartheid. Mandela and de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1993 for their efforts.

As the Chairman of Africa Rising, Ndaba Mandela’s promotes any efforts that provide educational opportunities for other Africans.  The author and activists cultivates tomorrow’s leaders. He mentors  millennials that seek growth, change, and positivity. Ndaba encourages various forms of education, technology, press, and media hopes of improving social injustices. Perception   can change everything.   His ideology is deeply rooted in the belief that advancements in technology, press, media, and social media’s reach will be instrumental in changing the public perception of Africa .  The brand focused on “a new state of mind” for Africa with goals to improve society. 

Africa Rising in Manhattan was produced by: Ashleigh Hill, Curation Manger for New York TheFutureParty @FutureParty 

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